About Us

At Sunnywei we have a vast collection of natural stone products available from our exclusive
quarry. We take the raw stone materials and through an extensive manufacturing procedure
and with the use of specialized equipment we fabricate light weight stone veneers, panels
and mosaics. Our products will create a natural look of elegance for any variety of landscape
and interior design projects.

We keep introducing new products to the market for each of our brands. Sunnywei Stone
series which includes all of the landscaping and building stones. LuxeStone which includes
natural stone veneers for both indoor and outdoor, as well as our Exterior 2.0 porcelain
which is also for outdoor ground and wall use.

To meet the business demands all over the world, we greatly encourage the dealership
network in different areas. We are able to supply any quantity of our product, be it in boxes,
crates and/ or container form. All authorized dealers can benefit from our free samples and
“discount of the dealership” prices. In addition to, customers will receive full capacity delivery
as well as be given quality customer assistance and technical support services.

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